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[CASA] How do I update geodetic (TAI_UTC) tables?
Posted by Juergen Ott, Last modified by Juergen Ott on 07 October 2015 04:40 PM

The geodetic information used by CASA is updated regularly using the TAI_UTC table in the CASA data repository, which is derived from measurements provided by the Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS).  A slightly outdated table is not likely to be a problem since most data is averaged over sufficiently long time intervals.  However, it could be a problem for VLBI observations.

The update can be run from the CASA command prompt using
or from outside CASA using
     $ casa-config --exec update-data

Attention: In late 2015, the CASA data repository moved to a new server.  This resulted in an rsync error when updating the repository in CASA 4.4 or earlier.  To fix this problem, a patch script can be run outside CASA.

     $ update-data.patch <PATH-TO-CASA-DISTRIBUTION>

where <PATH-TO-CASA-DISTRIBUTION> is the path to the top level of the unpacked CASA distribution. 

More information is available in the Fixing out of date TAI UTC tables CASA Guide.

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