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CASA data repositories contain our current best knowledge of, e.g., observatory coordinates, leap seconds, ephemerides, calibrator models, etc. Every version of CASA contains the latest files. Sometimes, however, one may want to manually update the...
It is now possible to apply TEC (Total Electron Content) corrections within CASA. Note that the following procedure currently only corrects for Faraday rotations, and no corrections will be applied to dispersive delays as is possible with the AIPS TECO...
When using the VLA for subarray observations, currently, the OPT does not have a special setup in place.  Please see the _Subarray Observing_ section within the _Guide to Observing with the VLA_.
You can link your NRAO and ALMA users accounts. This means you are then allowed you to navigate between help desk systems with one click and activate advanced features available in both help desks. If you click the link to the left 'ADD ACCOUNT LINKA...
The ALMA/NAASC helpdesk can be accessed through the ALMA Science Portal [1], or by navigating to [2]. Links: ------ [1] [2]
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