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Knowledgebase : VLA

For information regarding the 3-bit sampler overhead, please refer to the _8/3-bit Attenuator Settings and Setup Scans_ section within the _Guide to Observing with the VLA_. [1] Links: -...
When creating your SBs please refer to the current OSRO restrictions website at These are subject to change as we continue to update the VLA and the WIDAR correlator.
If you can't find your project in the OPT or your data in the archive, you may be using the wrong Project Code. In early 2010 NRAO has begun using a different nomenclature for the Proposals and resulting Projects. In order for the various software (OPT...
This depends strongly on the priority (A, B, or C) assigned to your project: Priority A: dynamic scheduling enables priority A projects to observe during the requested observing conditions, as determined at the start of the observation. Scheduling block...
When using the VLA for subarray observations, currently, the OPT does not have a special setup in place. Please see the _Subarray Observing_ section within the _Guide to Observing with the VLA_.
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