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Knowledgebase : GBT
All requests to add a new investigator should be made by the PI of the project team.  Requests should not be made by co-Is. When adding an investigator (new co-I, student, etc.) to a GBT project the new investigator must first be in the DSS data base.  I...
If you have forgotten your password for your GBT computing account, you should send an email to The computing staff will then be able to reset your password and inform you of the new password. If you need an account for GBT obse...
For any GBT computing issues you should contact the computing helpdesk by sending an email to
GBT data are now available through the NRAO data archive at
The GBT is scheduled dynamically. Users need to log into the GBT Dynamic Scheduling System (DSS) to enable their sessions, specify observers, and fill-out their blackout dates from their DSS project page.
If you have questions about how you can setup VEGAS, please review the information in the GBT Proposer's Guide before submitting a helpdesk ticket. The GBT Proposer's Guide is available at