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CASA data repositories contain our current best knowledge of, e.g., observatory coordinates, leap seconds, ephemerides, calibrator models, etc. Every version of CASA contains the latest files. Sometimes, however, one may want to manually update the...
It is now possible to apply TEC (Total Electron Content) corrections within CASA. Note that the following procedure currently only corrects for Faraday rotations, and no corrections will be applied to dispersive delays as is possible with the AIPS TECO...
When using the VLA for subarray observations, currently, the OPT does not have a special setup in place.  Please see the _Subarray Observing_ section within the _Guide to Observing with the VLA_.
You can link your NRAO and ALMA users accounts. This means you are then allowed you to navigate between help desk systems with one click and activate advanced features available in both help desks. If you click the link to the left 'ADD ACCOUNT LINKA...
The ALMA/NAASC helpdesk can be accessed through the ALMA Science Portal [1], or by navigating to [2]. Links: ------ [1] [2]
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General ALMA Queries(56)
Can ALMA data be used for studying Earth's atmospheric effects?
Can I request monitoring observations with standalone ACA?
Project Planning(30)
Are there policies specific to Large Programs?
Can I request monitoring observations with standalone ACA?
Proposal Handling(7)
I've downloaded the ALMA Proposal Template (LaTeX format). How do I convert it to letter size?
May I make changes to my project after the proposal review process?
Historical Articles(20)
Are there significant differences between versions of CASA after CASA 3.3 that make them incompatible?
How can I tell from the scripts provided as part of the Cycle 0 data products which version of CASA was used?
ALMA Observing Tool (OT)(47)
Can I load a proposal from a previous cycle into the OT and submit it as a new proposal?
Can I request monitoring observations with standalone ACA?
Archive & Data Retrieval(34)
How can I access ALMA calibrator data?
As PI of an ALMA proposal, how can I give others access to the data during the proprietary period?
Offline Data Reduction and/or CASA(33)
Can I analyze single dish data using CASA?
Can I reduce ALMA data in software packages other than CASA, and is there support for that?
Resources & Observer Support(14)
How can I get a full list of everything ALMA has observed?
How can I receive email notification of activity on my ALMA proposals?

Can I respond to my helpdesk ticket through my email?
A new feature that has been requested from the users has finally come to the helpdesk! You can now reply to your open tickets via email. When you get a notification of a reply to your helpdesk ticket, you can now hit reply in your email client instead of...
What Cycle 8 proposal issues and clarifications should I be aware...
This Knowledgebase article is a repository for information relevant to submission of Cycle 8 proposals. These items may affect how users write their proposals or set up their observations in the OT. The content may evolve rapidly as the 19 May, 2020 propo...
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