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[VLA] Finding your VLA project/your VLA data

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If you can't find your project in the OPT or your data in the archive, you may be using the wrong Project Code. In early 2010 NRAO has begun using a different nomenclature for the Proposals and resulting Projects. In order for the various software (OPT, archive) to find your scripts and data make sure you are using the correct one.

The old format (also known as the Legacy ID) is of the form AXn (for the VLA), and BXn (for the VLBA), where X is the first letter of the PI's last name, and n is a 3 or 4 digit number assigned when the proposal is received. Example: AE176.

The new format is of the form: mmX-n, where mm are the last two digits of the year, X indicates the trimester (A, B or C), and n is a 3 digit number assigned when the proposal is received. For instance, the new designation of the aforementioned project AE176 is 10A-127.

For Proposals/projects 10A and earlier, use the old name (Legacy ID). In the example above, use AE176 to find its data in the archive under Project (Proposal) Name. In the OPT, the project code will be AE176. Even though this project has an ID under the new nomenclature (10A-127), the Archive Tool and the OPT will not recognize this ID.

For Proposals/ 10B and later the situation is reversed: the new name is to be used at all times. For instance, though project 10B-207 still has an old (Legacy ID) associated with it (AS1036), using AS1036 in the Archive Tool or the OPT won't lead to results.