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[VLA] OPT startup problems

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Occasionally users run into problems when attempting to start the OPT Web Application. Error messages can be:

"There has been an internal application error. There is a chance the system may be able to save your work. Would you like to Attempt to Save and Restart or Just Restart?"


"The system was unable to query the user database"

and there may be others as well.

In some cases missing information in the user's profile is to blame for this. Log on to, click on the right-most tab (Profile), and make sure that:
1.  there is a clicked default box for each of the following: one of your physical addresses, one of your e-mail addresses, and one of your phone numbers
2.  there is an actual entry in any field which has a checked default box

If this fails to solve your problem please report this through the helpdesk system.